Loyal as one pleases

A pretty word and an awesomely constructed word today!

The pretty word is “lojali”:

  • Meaning: “to be loyal”, from “lojala” meaning “loyal, faithful”.
  • Pronunciation: loy-AL-ee
  • IPA: loj’ali

Don’t you think it looks quite interesting having the tall stalks of the “l”s equally spaced either side of the low tail of the “j”? That plus its very short, snappy syllables finishing on a subtle “i”, makes for a pretty word indeed!

The awesomely constructed word is “laŭplaĉe”:

  • Meaning: “as one pleases” from “laŭ” meaning “according to, along, by”, and “plaĉe” meaning “pleasingly, in a pleasing way”. So “laŭplaĉe” is like “according to a pleasing manner, how one pleases”.
  • Example: vi povas elekti laŭplaĉe = you can choose as you please
  • Pronunciation: lau-PLA-che
  • IPA: law’platʃe

Such simple roots smooshed together to create a versatile word. In English, to express the same idea we have to change the words a bit in different circumstances, notice how “as one pleases” must became “as you please” in the example sentence. But “laŭplaĉe” will always mean that the subject of an action is doing said action according to how they please. Mojosa.


Yet more

Recently been looking at “Laŭ”, a word I think I might have mentioned liking the sound of before (edit: indeed I have! Here). It means “According to/following/along”. I’ve been trying to find or think of uses in word building, because it has such a useful meaning, but is such a neat and tiny word.

So here are some that I’ve found:

  • laŭleĝa = legitimate, legal (leĝ0 = law, leĝa = legal, so lit. “according to law”)
  • laŭe = accordingly, according to that, conforming to that
  • laŭvorte = verbatim, word-for-word (vorto = word, so lit. “according to words”)
  • laŭiri = to go along (iri = to go)
  • laŭnature = according to nature (naturo = nature, nature = naturally, so lit.”by naturally, along naturally”)
  • laŭcela = adequate (cela = goal,aim,purpose, so lit. “according to purpose”)
  • laŭplane = according to plan (plano = plan)

I love the sound of “laŭe”. I think I am indeed hooked on the “aŭe” sound.

I also feel like these words really neatly express the concepts identified. Sentences like:

  • Mi laboras laŭplane = I am working according to plan
So neat!