Sexy J

I do like a pretty language. I just can’t help it. And I’ve always had a thing for the letter ‘J’, a simple and cute letter. But a variety of sounds across languages, it has a different sound in each of English, French, Spanish and German for example.

In Esperanto, the ‘J’ is similar to the English ‘Y’. I don’t think I’ve seen it immediately after a consonant, so I doubt you’ll see it in contexts such as ‘Shy’, where it becomes a vowel in its own right.

When it occurs after a vowel, it lengthens the sound to something else. Like this:

‘a’ sounds like the one in ‘father’

‘aj’ sounds like the ‘ai’ in ‘aisle’

‘e’ sounds like the one in ‘echo’

‘ej’ sounds like ‘ay’ in ‘lay’

And so on…

Such letter combinations (aj, ej, oj, uj) seem so quirky and odd. Interesting!

And thankfully they aren’t a rarity. In Esperanto, one makes a word plural by adding a ‘J’!

I think it makes for very beautiful sentences!

“Ili estas grandaj ruĝaj pomoj.”

“They are big red apples.”