Just got real

Well ‘ello there!

I’m receiving some top quality spam comments these days, here’s today’s top spam quote:

Your bio web page should contain the photographs of the topless product and specific specific information and facts

Topless Esperanto, eh? Not sure what that would entail.

Anyway, in about a month’s time, it looks like I’m meeting some Esperantists! Face-to-face Esperanting for the first time in the lovely (currently snowy…) Brighton. I hope they’re ready for some stuttering and a few “mi bedaŭras, ĉu vi povus ripeti tion?”‘s.

In an effort to not look like too much of a silly, I’m looking more closely at radioverda.com, so I can improve my listening skills (they are in desperate need). I’ve noticed that they now upload a transcript to accompany each broadcast, so it’s possible to check your understanding!

Anyway, here’s a few words I found and thought were pretty neatly constructed:

  • trapiki = to pierce, puncture
    • tra = through
    • piki = to stab, sting, prick
    • literally means “to stab through”, just makes sense!
  • intertempe = all the while, meanwhile
    • inter = between, among (see previous post)
    • tempo = time
    • The “e” is the adverb ending, it’s like the “ly” ending in English, only more regular.
    • Literally, the word is like “between time -ly”. So if you’re describing an action with it, then the action happens in a way that’s between times (meanwhile!)
  • interplektita = intertwined
    • inter = among, between
    • plekti = to wreath, twine, plait
    • -ita is the completed passive participle ending. This means that the action (of intertwining) is complete, and that the thing we’re talking about, received the action (rather than performed it).

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