Ways of working with one another

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This post explores ways of expressing “one another” / “each other”, as in examples below:

  1. They hugged each other
  2. They worked with one another
  3. They fought against each other
  4. They gave a present to each other

The simplest way is to use some configuration of “unu” (“one”) and “alia” (“other/another”).

  1. Ili ĉirkaŭbrakis unu la alian
  2. Ili laboris unu kun la alia
  3. Ili batalis unu kontraŭ la alia
  4. Ili donis donacon unu al alia

Notice the main difference with how it’s constructed in english. You don’t say “with one another”, you say “one with the other”. Also note that if there is no relation like “to/against/with” (because instead it’s a direct object relation), then you take up the accusative “N” (1).

But what other tools do we have in our tool-belt?

We could use “reciproke” = “reciprocally”:

  • Everyone understood each other = Ĉiuj komprenis sin reciproke

Or we could use “inter” (“among/between”) as a prefix to the action word. Or even “inter si” (roughly “among themselves”):

  • They fought each other (amongst themselves) = Ili interbatalis = Ili batalis inter si

I love how simple but complete “ili interbatalis” is!

Wanna read about “si”? I’ve got previous posts on it: 1, 2

Dank’ al the PMEG for this information!

Can anyone think of other ways to express this?

3 thoughts on “Ways of working with one another

  1. I believe the reason why “unu la alian” has the accusative is because it is replacing a proposition (e.g. it could also be “unu al la alia”).

    Mi tre amas vian blogon, parenteze. Bonvole dauxrigu gxin! 🙂


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