Mopping and Finger-showing

I happened upon a word meaning “to point” today! It was “fingromontri” (pronounced “fin-gro-MON-tri”; IPA: fingro’montri). It’s made up of the components “fingro” and “montri” (“finger” and “to show/indicate” respectively). I love how it is literally just “to finger-show”, it neatly expresses “fingre montri” = “to show with a finger”, exactly what pointing is.

I also found a word that I just love pronouncing over and over, “ŝvabri” (pronounced “SHVA-bri”; IPA: ‘ʃvabri). It means “to mop/swab”. Again, I think the “ŝ” plus consonant combo at the beginning is what gets me going!

And… Have you been lurking around lately? In one of the English threads one of the users pointed out a funny word “intimo”… Does it mean intimacy, or fear of women? 😀


4 thoughts on “Mopping and Finger-showing

  1. Hi Andy, here’s a compound word I’m sure you’d like: “fingringo”. I saw it yesterday and initially thought “fin-gringo” (a foreigner at the end of something?). Then I realised it was “fingr-ingo” (i.e. “thimble”)! It’s one of those words that’s really nice to say out loud a few times in a row, which is why I thought of you. 🙂
    Cheers, Jonathan

  2. Catching up on my blog reading. Your post reminded me of a word that I recently came across: pretendi

    Talk about a false friend! Fortunately, the context I read it in made it clear to me that it was not “to pretend”. However, this one definitely threw me at first.

    Pretendi – to presume or claim


    • I’m glad your catching up involves reading my blog!

      That really is a false friend indeed! I just can’t help it screaming “pretend!” in my head whenever I read it! Maybe I should make a tonne of sentences using it, until I map it to “presume/claim” ! 😀

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