I’ll be back soon

Last week, my dad unexpectedly died. I find myself unable to express in either English or Esperanto, just how much he means to me, and how much I miss him already. He inspired me in many ways, and I owe much of who I am, to him.

I always wanted to make him proud, and one day be inspired by me in return. I’ll honour him by never giving up that goal, always striving to be better. That way, it will be his memory that has a hand in all I achieve, and so he’ll always be alive in me.

So hopefully I’ll be back posting soon.

As for the rest of the world, he left you things like this, epic songs featuring his awesome bass-guitaring, kindly uploaded by someone on youtube.

I’ll remember him with every note I play.

9 thoughts on “I’ll be back soon

  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of someone so important in your life. I really, really like the Omega work and I understand why you are so proud of your dad’s contribution to it. I hope to see you posting again soon. Reading your posts makes me envious in wanting more time to study and apply what I want to learn in Esperanto. Take care and I hope you have a good holiday season.


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