Foaming teddy bears

I can’t remember why, but I had an urge to find out what the Esperanto expression for “teddy bears” is the other day, but to my dismay, I was having difficulty locating it in dictionaries! So I resorted to google and soon came across an amusing little cartoon. And for some reason the phrase really clicked with me: pluŝaj ursoj = teddy bears (pronounced “PLU-shy OOR-soy”; IPA: ‘pluʃaj ‘ursoj). Especially “pluŝaj”, it sounds really pleasant in a cute way, which is exactly the feeling I get from “teddy”.

Additionally, something else made sense to me. Do you know about the star constellation whose proper name is “ursa major”? Perhaps you know it by the name “big dipper” or “great/big bear”? Oddly, I never really paid attention to what “ursa major” actually meant, but of course it’s just latin for something like “bigger bear”. So it’s no real surprise we’ve got “urso” for bear in Esperanto!

The next word for today means “to foam/to froth”, and it is “ŝaŭmi” (pronounced “SHAU-mee”; IPA: ‘ʃawmi). I liked this word when I came across it because it’s awesome along couple dimensions:

  1. The opposing marks above the “s” and the “u” (going in opposite directions) give it a very quirky and interesting look.
  2. The actual sound of the word itself is not only fun (I love pronouncing the “ŝaŭ” bit), but also to me it really feels like foaming, do you get the same feeling?!

16 thoughts on “Foaming teddy bears

  1. Parolante pri “shaum”, mi havas ideon hodiau. Kio estas la plej mallonga vorto, kiu havas chiujn ses cirkumfleksoliterojn kaj uo? La plej mallonga vorto, kiu mi povis trovi, estas “shaumehhachajhighi”. Mi pensas, ke volas diri ghi iun, kiel “to become a concrete expression of a contemptible, foamy echo”.

      • “Ĉeĥŝaŭmaĵiĝi” plimallongas je du literoj! Kaj ĝi volas diri… “to become something made of Czech foam”? La plej granda problemo estas ĥo. Ĉu vorton iu ajn scias, kiu havas kaj ĥo kaj alia(j)n cirkumfleksolitero(j)n? Plimallongegigus vorton nian tio.

  2. Apparently ‘plusxo’ means cloth, material, stuffing… so “stuffed bear”? I wonder if that includes stuffed real bears?

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