Be beautiful with nightmare make-up

A few words that I like today! I like them mostly for their actual sound when spoken:

  • Koŝmaro = nightmare. Pronounced “Kosh-MA-ro” (trill that “r”!)
  • Ŝminki = to make-up (a verb for putting on make-up, e.g. “ŝminki sin” = “to make-up oneself, to put make-up on (oneself)”. Pronounced “SHMIN-kee” (try not to say “shming-kee”, but it’s not the end of the world…)

I have a feeling it is again the “ŝ” being following with the consonant that has tickled my fancy. It’s just a quirky sound.

Also, pleasingly, today I was buying lunch at the university, and came across some bottled mineral water, branded with the name “Belu”. It made me smile.

Since in Esperanto, “belu” is the imperative form (probably future post!) of the verb “beli” = “to be beautiful” (from the quality-like root “bel-“, so “bela” = “beautiful”). The point being that, “belu” means “be beautiful!”

So I bought it.

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