Fiery Slime in the Loo!

Fajra ŝlimo en la necesejo!

Three words I liked today:

  1. Fajra = Fiery (from fajro = fire)
  2. Ŝlimo = slime/sludge/mud
  3. Necesejo = toilet/toilet room/loo
Pronunciation notes:
  1. The “aj” is pronounced like the english word “eye”. And trill that “r” of course!
  2. Ŝlimo is pronounced like “Sh-lee-mo”
  3. Necesejo is pronounced like “Net-ses-ay-o” (the “ej” is pronounced like “ay” in “hay”).
The reasons I like them:
  1. This is just a sexy word. Maybe would be cool as a girl’s name? I don’t have many favourite words beginning with “f”, but that “ajra” combo sounds delightful!
  2. There is scarcely anything more fun than pronouncing an “ŝ” before a consonant. And this really does make a sound that makes me think of slime. Cool.
  3. “Necesejo” literally means something like “necessary place” or “place of necessity” from “necesa” = “necessary” and the suffix “-ej”, which means “place for <root>” or a place characterised by the root (ĉevalo = horse, ĉevalejo = stable). I think this translation is a neat way of rendering “toilet”, just feels right!
Shorter and sweeter post than last time! A little easier on the eyes 😀

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