Become out of bed

A simple little post today. I was charmed by a delightful combination of little words:

  • Ellitiĝi = to get out of bed / to get up (El-li-Ti-ji).
  • Mi ellitiĝis = I got out of bed.

Made from:

  • El = out of
  • Lito = bed
  • Iĝi = to become (though this suffix is important and interesting and will receive more attention in future posts!)

So “elliti” = “to be out of bed” (from ellit-: concept of out of bed). By adding “iĝi” one makes it “to become out of bed”, in other words, get up, get out of bed.

I thought it seemed quite neat!


3 thoughts on “Become out of bed

  1. Would this work?

    Elŝuldiĝi = To get out of debt / To become debt free

    * el = out of
    * ŝuldo = debt
    * iĝi = to become

    Mi elŝuldiĝis = I got out of debt! / I became debt free!

    • I don’t see why not! 🙂 Makes sense to me!

      The only thing that it relies on is that one understands that when a person owes money, they are “in” debt (so that being “out of” debt makes sense).

      E.g. If some non-English person in their language normally says the equivalent of “I have debt” instead of “I am in debt”, then they may not understand as fast as you or I.

      However, “el” seems to often take on a very metaphorical sense, often meaning “out of the previous state” not just from being “in” something.

      So I suspect “elŝuldiĝi” is totally fine, and it’s a pretty cool word, thanks for sharing!

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