Both neutral to last

Got a few pretty words for you today. They’re simple enough in meaning, but I find them pretty enough to mention. So without further delay:

  1. Ambaŭ = both
  2. Neŭtrala = neutral/impartial
  3. Daŭri = to continue/last/endure
The “aŭ” bits are pronounced like “ow” in “however”. The “eŭ” bit is a bit weirder. It’s often described as the “ayw” in “wayward”. Everything else is how you’d expect.I think perhaps I have a liking for the “ŭ” letter. It just seems to go nicely with things.

My favourite in the list is “ambaŭ”. I was always a fan of the English word “amber” but the thing that let it down ever so slightly, was the mildly dull “er” sound at the end. Here, it’s replaced with a wide-mouthed sound that just complements the first syllable perfectly!

A word of caution though! If you have a sentence that contains “both A and B”, ambaŭ is not used in this context, one would say instead “kaj A kaj B”.

Ambaŭ is used in situations like “I want both animals!”


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