Lexical sweeties

I fancy some pretty words today. I just have these moods sometimes. I just idly flip through dictionaries or prose, looking for words that jump out at me for some reason. I’ve been slowly getting tired of English (although I recently made a list of favourites, but it took a long search, and I certainly I already knew most of them). Whereas Esperanto has many delights for two reasons: I’m new to it, and you can just make words without a care in the world!!!

So today, I’ll share with you a few things I’ve found.

  • Tuj = immediately, right away, at once
  • Usage: Ni diris tuj  al ili = We told them immediately!
Look at it! So simple and cute. I do have a weakness for those “j”s though! I just love the sound of it though. The way you pronounce “uj” is a little odd for us English’uns. The example often given is this (I certainly can’t think of any other English occurrences of it):
  • “uj” is pronounced similar to the “uj” in “hallelujah”
And with the “t” at the beginning it makes for a nice snappy word, quite reminiscent of immediacy in itself! I especially like it used in compound words:
  • tujmesaĝo = instant (immediate) message
What else do we have….
  • Kvazaŭ = as though, as if, in a way
  • Usage: Li estis kvazaŭ pikita per ponardo = He was as though stabbed by a dagger
I’m not normally a fan of too many harsh sounds or harsh looking letters together, and ‘k’ and ‘z’ in my books are both… both. And yet, the weird “Kv” sound is growing on me, like an odd friend that you first avoid, but somehow ends up a close friend. And the “aŭ” sound (like “ow” in “how”) I’ve always been a fan of. The word nicely rolls of the tongue. It’s such a nice why of introducing something that that only seems to be the case.
Finally for now:
  • Laŭ = along, according to, following, by
  • Usage: Mi restas tie ĉi laŭ la ordono de mia estro = I remain here according to the order of my master.
  • Similar to English, it has many uses, like following along the proper direction of something (river, grain of wood, hair direction).
Another short and snappy word, with a nice little sound to it, yet expressing a good concept!

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