Mmm words.

So… I got distracted from the course material. I’ve been reading the “Plena Manlibro de Esperanta Gramatiko“. My Esperanto is just at the level where I think I can understand it. A wonderfully detailed grammar of Esperanto, in Esperanto.

Reading it, I had a sudden idea for another type of post! I read the word “iafoje” (pronounced roughly: ee-a-FOY-ey). It looks so weird and pretty! Like an unexpectedly pretty blue alien.

Anyway, it means “sometimes”, made up of “ia” = “some kind of” and the adverb form of “fojo” = time/occasion. I like it because, the sounds seem to easily bounce as you sound them out. It’s filled with vowel sounds, but it just fits! And the “foj” makes it sound pretty being the stressed part of the word!

So I’m making a new category, “Alluring Words”, for those words that are handsome in shape or meaning or both!


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