Word Building

Esperanto is a wonderful language for building words. So many neat little ways of making words, words that can represent concepts that often require a much longer explanation in another language.

I’ve decided to start recording interesting words that sprout from my thoughts. They are all obviously going to be of utmost importance when communicating with other Esperantists!

I thought I’d share with you the first one I’ve come up with. Hmm… Perhaps I will keep record of them on here from time to time! Yes… They shall have their own category “Constructed Esperanto Words” so that they can be filtered out.

Without further delay… Mortigodoro! It means “A smell that causes one to die” or simply: a killing odour.

Here’s your explanation:

The verb “morti” means “to die”. There is a special suffix “-ig” that one can apply, which loosely translates to “cause <root>”. “Mortigi” means “to cause to die” (i.e. “to kill”). The adjective (mortiga) of which would loosely mean “killer” as in “killer ants”

The word “odoro” means “odour/smell”, slap them together and you get mortigodoro! I would appreciate any feedback if I have got the construction process of any words incorrect.



5 thoughts on “Word Building

  1. Mi dirus, ke “mortigodoro” volus diri: “la odoro de âjo mortigita,” (kill-smell) kaj “mortiga odoro” volus diri “odoro, kiu mortigemas.” (killer smell)

    Mi pensas, ke la dua senco estas la amuza, kiun vi serĉis.

    • Mi opinias ke, tio certe estas interpreto. Sed, mi pensas ke oni postulus kuntekston por konkludi ke “mortigodoro” efektive signifas “la odoro de âjo mortigita”. Vi interpretas “mortigodoro” kiel “mortigitaĵo-odoro” (killed-thing odour), sed “mortig-” nature havas agan sencon (ne aĵan sencon). Do, “kill-smell” estas odoro kiu mortigas.

      “Mortiga odoro” = odoro kiu nur hazarde mortigas.
      “Mortigodoro” = aparta speco de odoro, kies precipa eco estas la povo mortigi

      Tio estas kiel mi komprenas ĝin! 🙂

  2. Vi devus fari pli blogajhojn pri chi tio! Per Esperanto, povas oni, havi vortojn kiel (lau Vikipedio) “komencopaleontologiokonservatoriachestrighontajn” – “about to begin to become the leaders of a contemptible palaeontology conservatory”. Havas tio literojn kvardek ses (sendiagrafe)! Ni penu, fari vorton ech pli longan!

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